How To Clean Your Windows Computer For Free

How To Clean Your Windows Computer For Free

The computers have some vital role to play in enhancing the lifestyle of people. But, when you are not taking proper care of your systems or when your computer is getting too old, the hard disks of your system may get filled up with many files which lately become as junk. This may certainly lead your PC to run slow, the web pages will load too slowly and even the folders in your PC will get open only after a while. These are some basic signs that show you that your system is experiencing some troubles. However, there are millions of PC Cleaner available on the internet to Clean Windows Computer but all those softwares are paid. But, if you do not like to spend money for optimizing your PCs, then this is the right time for you to clean your windows computers for free on your own with just few clicks:

Uninstall The Unnecessary Programs:
Open the Control Panel, go to the Programs & Features and your screen will display the complete list of the installed softwares on your computer. Have a close look over those softwares and uninstall the programs that you are no longer using. This may help you to free up some additional space and so you can add some more useful and important files.

Always Do Proper Disk Cleanup:
First, click the Start button, then click on the Accessories and then on the System Tools and you will get Disk Clean Windows ComputerCleanup Utility. With, the help of this little tool you can delete the temporary internet files and junk items from your PC. This will also help you get more free disk space for you.

Optimize The Startup Items:
If your computer takes too much time to start reviewing startup items is a good idea. You have to open up a run box by pressing Window+R buttons simultaneously at the same time, then type MSCONFIG command in the run box and then go to the Startup Tab. Then, do check keenly over the startup items and then if you find out some unwanted applications here, then simply disable them all.

The Optimization Of Hard Disk:
Click on the Start button, then Accessories and then the System Tools and get the Disk Defragmenter Utility. In order to get the process completed and relocation of the files, this technique might take some time and your disk drive gets cleaned completely.

Check For Regular Windows Update:
Always be sure that the Windows Updates are being turned on and so your system does check for new updates every now and then. By doing so, it will resolve almost all the security issues and also will maintain your system up to date. The most important thing about this feature is that your PC will check for regular updates once in every week.

Antivirus Scan Regularly:
Always be particular to only make use of the reputed antivirus security solutions and also must be updated regularly with virus definitions. Almost all top antivirus softwares of today have the inbuilt Free PC Cleaner utility, which regularly cleans your system time to time. Moreover, at least once in a week, you must run a full scan of your computer. Additionally, if your system is low on RAM, then you may also increase the virtual memory on your computer, to enhance the performance of your system.